SOPA Director

Melissa Marschal

Melissa Marschall

Director and Undergraduate Advisor, Professor

102 Herzstein Hall
(713) 348-2694

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Professor Marschall's research and teaching focuses on urban politics, educational policy, political behavior, and representation. Her book, Choosing Schools: Consumer Choice and the Quality of American Schools (coauthored with Mark Schneider and Paul Teske) was recipient of the Policy Studies Association Aaron Wildavsky Award for the Best Policy Book in 2000-2001. She is Co-PI of the Local Elections in America Project (LEAP), funded by The National Science and the Ken Kennedy Institute of Information Technology at Rice University. Her research has appeared in such journals as American Political Science Review, American Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, Educational Policy, Political Behavior, Social Science Quarterly, and Urban Affairs Review. Professor Marschall also created and directs the Urban Lab program and has taught courses on urban politics, education policy comparative urban politics & policy, and research methods.