Correctional Care

  • What changes, both upstream and downstream, can Harris Health, the Harris County Jail System, and Harris County Courts make to more effectively manage detainees’ health in our congested and overcrowded jail system?
  • How can Harris Health and the Harris County Jail System minimize detainee movement outside the facility and provide ancillary care to patients in jail?
  • How can Harris Health and the Harris County Jail System ensure continuity of care, particularly for indigent patients, as they leave the jail system?
  • How can Harris Health more competitively recruit healthcare providers to serve in correctional facilities?

Food Insecurity

  • How can Harris Health serve more patients with Food Farmacy without creating extra burden on the organization or having physical Food Farmacies?
  • How can Harris Health improve the use and retention rates of this food prescription program?
  • When relying on donated food, how can Food Farmacies ensure that there is a practical variety of products that are both nutritious and exciting for patients?
  • How can Harris Health finance and provide medically-tailored meals in an innovative and cost-effective way?

Virtual Care

  • Where access to connectivity impedes access to healthcare, what are solutions for overcoming the digital divide?
  • Are we incorrectly assuming patient digital literacy based on socioeconomic conditions?
  • How can virtual care solutions and alternative sites of care impact emergency room overcrowding?
  • How can virtual care target health disparities and ensure equal access?

High Utilizers

  • How can Harris Health most efficiently assess the reasons why patients show up in the emergency room so frequently and help address these reasons?
  • For homeless or housing insecure patients, how can Harris Health ensure that they do not use the emergency room as a shelter and connect them with appropriate resources?
  • How can Harris Health share their data with other non-Harris Health hospitals who likely also receive these patients on a regular basis as well as community partners?
  • How can Harris Health build partnerships internally to address the needs, even if non-clinical, of multi-visit patients?